Boston 2017-Monday

Team 1 Starting the day with great breakfast, then sorting for the Friday block party. After scouting the block party location and getting lunch, we headed over to a YMCA location to help move 15 yards of mulch and did road repairs with rock. Such a great day for team one! -Jessica Team 2 Hello […]

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Conroe Day 2

Today we started the day in groups doing our devotionals together.  Next we divided up into two groups. One group went and served and Under Over Missions: helping paint, serving meals, and doing yard work. Our second group shared the love of Jesus with students in surrounding neighborhoods as they played a plethora of games […]

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Conroe Mission Trip 2017 – Day 1

Today was a success! Half of our students cheerfully helped decorate the church in preparation for incoming kids tomorrow. The other half canvased surrounding neighborhoods inviting families to an exciting week of VBS. We ended the night in worship! Humberto challenged students to be intentional in making connections and being intentional with students. Students were […]

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England Day 3//Spring Break ’17

Another day has flown by! Day 3 has come and gone and… our luggage has arrived (well… most of it)! So, everybody is filled with joy and has their clothes (and deodorant), which is fantastic. Another day spent teaching and leading in the King’s Academy and Viewly Hill! The relationships building is going great and the […]

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England Day 2//Spring Break 2017

Another day in the Tees Valley has come and gone! Another day of furthering the Gospel in the northeast of England has flown by as well as another day without our luggage (but who’s counting?!). We were able to start our work in the schools today. Our long-standing partnership with the King’s academy has rekindled and […]

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