Conroe Mission Trip

This trip was absolutely amazing. We had a great group of leaders and a great group of students!! We planned for Friday afternoon to be our free day and to go to the Lake, but the students came to the leaders and asked if they could go back to their mission sites to do more ministry instead of having a free day. I was so impressed with their selflessness and their desire to want to continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus. The students also put all of they lunch money together to buy items to have a party for the kids at the trailer park. Once again all student led. One of the kids from VBS had a birthday on Friday so we also bought balloons, ice-cream, and cake. To see his face as we sang happy birthday and all those smiling faces was indeed priceless. To God be the glory for a successfully mission trip an vbs. IMG_9216.JPGIMG_9218.JPGIMG_9220.JPGIMG_9225.JPG5D3_7763.JPGIMG_9222.JPGIMG_9215.JPG


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