Houston Mission Trip- Wednesday

Team 1

Today me and my group were working in the MCH food pantry to give the less fortunate than us food. I personally saw God work in this one moment when this lady came in and was extremely grateful for the food that we were giving her. She constantly kept saying thank you and at the end as she was leaving, I prayed for her, and she said God bless all of you. At that moment I realized God was the one orchestrating all of this, giving all of these people what they needed, and providing for them. God is the one behind all of this // Brady Langford


Team 2

Today we helped organize the food pantry, did yard work, washed windows, and put Bible quotes on water bottles. We did Kids’ Club where we played games, had snacks, sang songs, and colored with the kids. We ended the day with poptarts and a picture slide show covering the last few days. Then we got on the buses and headed home. Some went to a disabled person’s house and he talked about his walk with Christ // Feyi Adebajo


Team 3

Throughout the entire time that I have been on this mission trip, I have seen God working in many ways. Starting from just helping to clean and in the food and clothing departments to having some fun. I was always remembering that I was not on this trip for me but rather for God. Today I helped bake cookies for the police and I helped organize the shelves in the clothing part of the Joy Center. God has helped me make new friends with not only kids my age, but also the summer missionaries. Each day we held Kids’ Club. It was quite an experience considering I like to play and help kids. Immediately I jumped into playing with all of the kids. I really enjoyed my time at Mission Centers of Houston and I would love to go back any time to help // Sophia Schmieg



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