Boston 2017-Wednesday

Team 1


This morning we went to northwest ark, and we helped them throw out the stuff they didn’t need because they were moving. And some of us washed the walls. The people there were so blown away by what we did in the amount of time we had. Then we went to the YMCA and we mulched a little area in the woods for the kids. We were trying to help make the ground level for them. God showed us that we work very well together and we get along and help each other out!!


Team 2

Hey y’all it’s Team 2 with another amazing day in Boston! We started at Our Neighbors Table, a local food market, and helped organize different foods for people who were less fortunate. We worked with a man named Jourbert and had an amazing conversation with him about the Lord. Later on, we canvased around the neighborhood near our block party on Friday and we can’t wait to see who shows up and what the Lord has in store for us. Keep us in your prayers as we finish off the week!

Team 3


Ethan- Today we went to a coffee shop in Nashua, New Hampshire. We talked to the locals about Jesus, and what they believed about there faith for 3 hours. Later, while helping locals businesses clean their store, we met a converted Jew named Adam. He was Jewish and recently converted to Christianity. Adam was the first Christian our group has seen and he reminded me that we are here for people like Adam

Dan Cuy- Our team had the pleasure of getting to interact with customers at Bonhoeffer coffee shop. Meeting people in a place where they were comfortable in their own space made the conversation a lot easier. After a few hours, we made our way down the street laboring for local businesses. It brought me joy to see the confused faces transformed into smiling and happy ones as we did our best to serve them and show God’s love for them.

Team 4


This morning, we went back to Good Harbor Beach at Gloucester.  As a group we began hitting around the volleyball  but then invited some of the locals to join us.  They joined in and we played a game of volleyball through the alphabet. When we finally made it to “z”, we all jumped in excitement, the locals as well. After that we took a break and went to splash in the COLD water. We did meet a couple of boys that lived more towards the east side of Boston. They joined us for several games, spike ball and football. After we just talked with them for about an hour. They gave us more insight about Boston and showed us how much alike they are to us but different. They were very nice and we shared about NetCast Church. They recognized a need for Jesus in the area but not sure where thy stand with Him.

After a morning at the beach we went hiking in Dogtown. It was really beautiful, seeing all of God’s beauty and creation. To believe that that was all a town at one time is just crazy. The rock formations were insane and the hike itself was amazing. We also got in a good workout, especially for the lunch we ate. I’m really glad that we went.

Hope to have fun tomorrow!!

-Devyn Whitten

Team 5


Today after we had had our free time at the beach, we continued to share Christ’s love and His word to the children of Naushua, New Hampshire. Today I saw God really work through these kids. My soccer team has not won a game of soccer all week. Our kids are playing hard and still not able to accomplish their goal. The more we lose the more I See Christ coming out and work through them. Their attitudes are great! They are showing great sportsmanship and talking about the message of Christ on the Soccer field and it’s so amazing! The worship team was late today to the camp so we were not able to do worship at the beginning. One of my kids was so disappointed because he thought we were not going to be able to worship! When we did worship later on, it was so amazing to watch his face light up! God is great!


Team 6


We all learned something today and decided to write it down:

– team work is the key to completion (Aubrey)

– With perseverance and belief in the lord the amount of completable tasks becomes infinite (Blake)

– Knowing you are doing what the lord wants you to be doing is a good feeling (Aaron)

– It’s easier to get work done as a team (Ben)

– I’m not as strong and I thought I am, but I won’t quit until I stop (Megan)

– When you put yourself aside and put others first great things happen (Harrison)

– No matter how big, how small, or how hard or hot that screw is, it’s going to get into that board (Bryan)

– I have to be patient when waiting for god to reveal an opportunity.  (Landon)

Team 7


This morning we went to Gloucester to canvas the streets and share the gospel. We stocked up on sticky notes, tape, and chocolate at Shawn’s  Market so that we could tape questions on out shirts as conversation starters. We met people with a variety of religious and spiritual beliefs.

The second person that my mini team of 4 talked to was Anthony. He drew the question, “Can we sing for you?”, so we decided to trade songs. He sang LA and Paige Happy Birthday, and we sang him O Come to the Altar. As we sang, Anthony teared up. LA then asked him if he knew what happened once we leave this earth. Anthony responded that he believed in heaven but truthfully did not know how to get there. I was then able to share the gospel with him, and afterwards lead him through a prayer to receive Christ. Afterwards, Annette shared the parable of the lost sheep and told Anthony that the angels rejoice whenever a new believer is born. Please pray that Anthony finds a church home and grows as a new believer in Christ.

Another mini team talked to the mayor of Gloucester who said she was a believer, and shared that her husband committed suicide after struggling with addiction. She shared that the town as a whole had a high suicide rate and struggled with addiction, so please keep Gloucester in your prayers.

We also talked to two sophomores in high school named Tony and Brennan. Tony was extremely curious about Christianity and the gospel. He asked questions, and we provided answers for 45 minutes. Tony is so wanting to know more, but is just so confused of what Jesus and Christianity really are. He kept wanting to know the “steps” and “process” to becoming saved but didn’t really understand what we would be saved from. Please be praying that both boys attend NetCast, one of the churches we are partnering with, and continue in their curiosity about Christianity.

-Taylor Wright

Team 8


Today we did laundry and our team grew even closer together and had lots of fun throughout. During our kids club at the apartment complex the kids were so engaged with every activity that we had. They were very excited for everything that we did and some even began to open up themselves. It’s very rewarding to have them feel comfortable enough with us already to open up the way that some did.


Team 9


Today our team passed out coffee in Salem. We had the opportunity to talk with a lot of people and had great conversation. We came across a couple who were homeless and asked us to pray that God would provide food for them. We later met a team on construction workers that were working on the street, they mentioned that didn’t have breakfast and would love donuts! We decided to meet immediate needs and got donuts for the construction workers and the couple who were in need. Emily, one of our team members was able to communicate with a lady who only spoke Spanish and was able to prayer over her, it was a really special experience!


Team 10


Today we worked at Nashua Soup Kitchen and Shelter Inc. The night before we prayed to soften the hearts of the people that worked there. When we arrived Mr. McDonald and I witnessed to a man praising God for all his great work. This immediately struck a chord with me. As the day went, as we got to know the people we worked with, I decided to engage two people in really deep conversations on scripture. I really saw the power of prayer today.

M.S. Houser

Team 11


Today, with the base of the deck built and the yard looking significantly better at Travis’s 🏡 , our job was to put rails on the base of the deck. After two runs to Home Depot, we finally had all of the materials to build the railing. The railing went up with no significant problems and since not everyone could work on the railing and deck, some improved the yard even more and planted/mulched one part of the yard. We also put to good use the fire pit we built by burning all of the fallen branches in his yard. After our work was done at Travis’s house we went and canvased one of the surrounding neighborhoods, that was a really good experience for me because we met people in the neighborhood that were members of Netcast church. It was also a good experience for me because my group didn’t get lost… but can’t say that for the other small groups in my team. All in all The Lord blessed us with another great day.

-Carter Joutraw


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