Houston Mission Trip- Tuesday

Team 1

Today God was at work everywhere. Team 1 has been having so much fun serving. God has been working in the kids’ lives and we have lots more to do here! See you tomorrow! // Maylei Yao


Team 2

Today there were a lot of things I saw that were obviously God at work, but the one thing that stood out to me the most is that God brought our youth group here to MCH to show people His love. Helping the people that are not able to do their lawns, people who need food, and the people who just need love and support. The Lord brought us here to show that we care and that they’re not alone in this world. There IS someone GREATER // Cierra Hathaway


Team 3

Today Team 3 went to the MCH Joy Center and we did a lot of work. We did things like: yard work, organize in the food pantry, and help out in the clothing closet. At about 9:30 we opened the food pantry and clothing closet for those in need. I definitely saw God at work there, but where I saw God at work the most was in a little boy’s heart. This boy named Ivan came to Kids’ Club and he was really grouchy, rude (mainly to me) and just not happy. At the end of the Bible study the teacher gave everyone candy. Then they were told to line up and he wanted to be first so he pushed a girl and got in trouble so the teacher took back his candy. He walked downstairs upset and sat in the corner. I walked over to comfort him and when I did he was really happy and wasn’t rude. Then he was super happy and started to play with me. When it was time for him to leave he came and gave me a hug and was super happy so I think he just needed some love and attention and God was in his heart making him happy which made me happy! // Devon Fritz



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