Conroe Mission Trip – Day 3

Today we started the day in groups doing our devotionals and praying together. Students also enjoyed the Bible study we had at Under Over Ministries. Our favorite quote from that Bible study was, “The average person makes 34,000 choices per day, if you live up until the average age of 70-72, you will make nearly a billion choices in a life time, but only 1 choice matters, and that ’s choosing follow and put your faith in Jesus Christ!”  The highlight of the day – as students finished up they ended their time singing songs and doing impromptu worship while taking song requests. Singing to Jesus literally changed the atmosphere in that place. Today we trimmed bushes, painted, and conducted sports camps in the surrounding neighborhoods.  VBS was energetic and amazing again. It was a joy seeing our students be the hands and feet of Jesus today! Last thing, our photographer was mainly at Under Over ministries today, but she will be at the sports camp tomorrow so more and different pictures will be posted soon:)


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