Boston 2017-Tuesday

Team 1


Today we went to a soup kitchen almost an hour away in Nashua, New Hampshire. Lexi Brown and I got the best job of cleaning out a refrigerator full of rotten food. While cleaning we realized how blessed we truly are. Without a doubt, we know where our next meal will come from, but they sometimes don’t. We were told not to talk about religion with the people there. Even though that caught us off guard, we knew that we were helping make an impact and showing our Godly character shine through our actions.

– Madison Dean

Team 2

Hey y’all it’s team 2!!
Today we had the amazing opportunity to go to Lifebridge soup kitchen. Honestly, i think we were all a little discouraged at first because I know we all really want to be able to vocally spread the word. However, we all pushed through and were extremely helpful. We pretty much cleaned an entire kitchen head to toe. Mackenzie and Isabel did an amazing job pulling everything out of the refrigerator and washing the entire thing! Everyone else was washing dishes, floors and anything else needed. Ms. Karen was super thankful we were there and we loved being there knowing that in the long run, we were being the hands and feet of Christ. After lunch, we went to the YMCA and moved mulch around on the kid’s playground so it would be safer for the children and we know the kids will love it! Tonight, we had worship on the beach and it was an amazing experience. This has already been a great week and I know we all are excited for the rest of it!

-Ashlyn Cassel

Team 3


Celeste- Today consisted of different ways of displaying a Christ-foscused lifestyle other than the business service we did before. We painted walls for an impact not readily observed, admired the beauty and perfection of Gods creation in a hike, and engaged anyone we could through kindness and action.

Tyrone- Today was a day more focused on the serving aspect of our team’s goal, yet still a challenge in delivering the gospel to the local staff of the YMCA we served. Painting the gymnasium (and occasionally scuffing and retouching courtesy of my flip attempts) was only coupled with being able to pray with and for 2 staff members unsure of the gospel’s message and ended with the pleasure of delighting in nature and praising what he created.

Team 4


Today we went to the Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester and we passed out water to the people at the beach. After that, we went to the Gloucester memorial to sailors who were lost at sea. We meet three middle schoolers who just got out of school and we talked to them about the Netcast Church and they seemed receptive to what we were saying this showed us that there are people that want to learn about God. A great day but looking forward to tomorrow.

Sean Lawerence

Team 5


Today we went to Nashua New Hampshire, where we continued our mission work through videography, interviews, and our daily sports camp. In the morning we walked around the streets asking for volunteers to help us out in a video project that the church we’re working with (The well) asked us to take part in.  We were instructed to ask the volunteers three simple questions. What do you believe? Why do you believe it? And How do you practice it? Our results seemed to be very promising for the church’s video. Our afternoon consisted of continuing to help out with the soccer camp that “The Well” put together. There was a significant increase in the amount of kids that showed up, which allowed for a greater amount of participation in drills, games, and most importantly participation in the Bible studies. All in all, it was great day for Team 5!

-Colby Buckhanan

Team 6



That outlet was installed today in the area that will be housing for those in need through Netcast Church.  For certain – let there be light there and around the world may HIS light shine

-Nancy LeBeau

Team 7


Today was laundry day for team 7, the worship team. The team was excited to have a day to rehearse.  However, as the tech person on the team, I don’t  need to rehearse clicking the right arrow on a PowerPoint presentation. So, I went down to the laundry room to let them practice and began working on the clothes. While I sat waiting for the washing machines and dryers, I decided to read Acts. My eyes immediately fell upon Acts 9:15, “Go! This man is my chosen instrument to proclaim my name to the Gentiles and their kings and the people of Israel.” That verse really stood out to me because that’s exactly what going on mission trip is about. I was struggling as the tech person on the worship team because I am not really needed until worship time at night. But I was reminded that we came to Boston to be used by God as an instrument to reach out to the “Sauls” of this world. We are called to go and tell everyone about God and His amazing grace. I was a little sad that our team was on laundry, but that turned out to be my favorite part of this trip so far; I was reminded that although we might feel useless in the moment, God is always doing more amazing things than we could comprehend in the moment.

-Paige S.

Team 8


Today we went to hand out waters and coffee. But if you ask me where we went. I wouldn’t be able to answer that because I slept the entire car ride. Which was great. But we met 2 people. One of them was a guy that grew up as a Baptist Christian believer but he fell off from believing and went on drugs and he just about 3 months ago got off from heroine and is now on a treatment to help him. Then we met a lady that only spoke Spanish and I know Spanish but I’m always mixing my English I forget some words in Spanish and all I was thinking in my head was “oh God please help me find the words to say” and when I was speaking everything came fluently and I didn’t have any problems having a convo and didn’t mix my English with my Spanish which was awesome because I knew that God was helping through it and gave me the words to say to the lady and had an entire conversation with that lady for about 3 minutes which was great and that was my highlight of the day


Team 9


So today our team went to Open Door to perform our first puppet show. It was quite an experience because we had to come up with a whole new show with songs that didn’t have innuendos of religion. But the kids (and even the adults) loved it! I thought they would be critical because it was not our best performance, but God used us still and we ended up putting smiles on everyone’s faces.


Team 10


Today in Boston Team 10 went to YMCA. At one YMCA we painted the walls in the gymnasium. We saw God at work there because one day people will get to enjoy the gymnasium at YMCA. Then we went to Manchester by the sea. We met this sophomore in highschool named Luca. He was opened to us sharing God word, but when we asked him to accept Jesus into his heart he was not ready. We learned that at that moment we planted a seed in him. Then we went to the second YMCA we raked and dug mulch at the playground. This helped because it will provide a safe environment for the kids. As we end our day at the beach we learned that in Boston the water is freezing. Also you always have a couple people that will jump into freezing water (Ben wade). In Boston as you pass by pretty sites you are amazed at God creation.

-Sarah Beavers

Team 11


Today we finished up the porch that we had started yesterday. It turned out awesome and it felt good to step back and see the hard work. I personally am not strong enough for that so I helped weed and dragging sticks out to the woods. Emily, Nick, and I started playing with Travis’ daughter. We played pirates and we were the pirate leaders that were defeating the whales. She had so much fun with us and when I told her that we had to go she started crying. It was honestly so heartbreaking and I almost cried. We then went back and showered before we ate. We ate at a really good pizza place and started to walk around Beverly. We ran into a guy named Ramo and he started talking to us. He was a very nice guy and he was very interested in why we were here. We then asked him if we could pray for him. His face lit up and he said yes. He asked us to pray for “good energy” and things that I did not understand. He also asked us to pray for his brothers healing. We prayed with him and he was very grateful. After that, we went to the beach for worship. The water was SUPER cold. I could only stick my feet in but some people on the team jumped in. Worship was cool because we got to see Gods amazing creation while we worshiped. It was a great day

-Maddie Terrell


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