Boston 2017-Monday

Team 1


Starting the day with great breakfast, then sorting for the Friday block party. After scouting the block party location and getting lunch, we headed over to a YMCA location to help move 15 yards of mulch and did road repairs with rock. Such a great day for team one!


Team 2


Hello from Team!✌ Today We were able to go to The YMCA and help Garrett paint the primer for a huge gymnastic room, and the coolest part was that he had no idea that we were coming to help, so he woke up this morning thinking he would have an 80 hour week. It was great to See how something so little can help in such a big way. Before dinner, we had a chance to do some sightseeing and we went to the Diver’ s Locker which is a little free museum that was a huge collection of all this nice old man we met that had been a deep sea diver for about 70 years. It was just a lot of fun being able to talk to him and plant a little seed. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do the rest of this week.

Team 3


Today team 3 broke into two groups helping local businesses. Washing windows, cleaning bathrooms, and talking to the people of Boston. We met a sweet lady named Kristen and she gave us permission to cleaned her windows. We also got the opportunity to pray for her.


While Jules and her team were talking to Kristen, the other half of team 3 was covering the other side of the street. We met many local Bostonians that we had very pleasant conversations with and worked our tails off trying to serve the people of Beverly as best as we could.


Team 4


The morning began slowly with little positive interaction with the locals. Except for a helpful gentleman at Dunkin Donuts. At lunch, in Beverly, we came across a man asking for 50 cents which we were able to provide. He said we were the 24th person/people who finally gave him the change. This opened up a door for us to share our lunch leftovers and pray with him (his name was Aaron). In Salem, God then puts Will, a man who asked us to pray for his sobriety as he is 7 days sober, into the same basketball court where we played a pickup basketball game with him and his friends.  Looking forward to tomorrow.

-Tim and John

Team 5


Team 6


Hi, I’m Aaron Lynch from team 6 a.k.a the construction team. Our main mission project is to renovate an older barn into a livable temporary home for church planters trying to start new churches in the downtown Beverly area. Being in a hot attic all day working doesn’t give us many opportunities for face to face contact but talking with the owner of this house, pastor Travis with the Netcast Church, made us realize how our work is affecting this community. His gratitude that he displayed for our work today made me see how this is truly showing God’s love and how it will help fellow Christians trying to spread the word. Please pray for our team to have a safe week and work hard to help show God’s love to others.


Team 7


Today we spent some time working at a soup kitchen in Nashua. One of the people we spoke with was friendly but was sharing his beliefs about church and religion with us. He said that Jesus Christ never existed and “God” and “Lord” were titles created to corrupt Christianity and actually represent Satan. He believed the true Son of Man was named Apollonius and Jesus Christ is just a fabrication of the Catholic Church (which he also believed worship Satan). I was able to share the gospel with him and although he didn’t accept the truth on the spot, we continue to pray and are hopeful for the Lords work in the future.


Team 8


We may have a schedule, but God has the ultimate plan. We thought we would be hosting a kids club, we encountered a man named Steve instead. On the way to the kids club, Chris saw a man mowing his lawn (Steve). Chris decided to get out and help Steve mow. It was much more than that. Chris had the opportunity to talk to Steve about his views of the Lord. It gives us a chance to go back tomorrow to further the conversation about Jesus. Throughout the day, we ate at five different places, becoming broke. At each place we had several encounters with people like Anita and Hotdog Joe. We somehow ended up in Salem, MA at a hotdog place for dinner. As we entered we heard Christian songs playing on the radio of the restaurant. We bought a lady named Anita’s Hotdog and got to talk to Hotdog Joe about his mission for his store. It made us aware that no matter the circumstance, God’s plan remains in action whether we realize it or not.


Team 9


Today team 9 went to Starbucks and got 2 pitchers of coffee and passed it out to the community in Beverly. We met a man named John, we got to talking and heard he was walking through a divorce. In that moment, we placed hands on him and prayed and it really touched his heart.


Team 10


Team 11


Today we had fun, but we also accomplished a lot. We worked hard and made great progress.  We also are happy to say that the project has a high chance of being done a little early. We all found the project interesting and unusual to a point. Today we worked hard and fast, but we did good work. We are proud of what we accomplished, and can’t wait to start tomorrow.



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