Conroe Mission Trip

This trip was absolutely amazing. We had a great group of leaders and a great group of students!! We planned for Friday afternoon to be our free day and to go to the Lake, but the students came to the leaders and asked if they could go back to their mission sites to do more […]

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Boston 2017-Thursday

Team 1 Yesterday was a great day for our team!! We went to Beverly Bootstraps, which is a thrift shop. God gave us the opportunity to get to talk with people who came into the store. Madison and I had the privilege to speak with this lady named Joanie. She told us about how her […]

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Boston 2017-Wednesday

Team 1 This morning we went to northwest ark, and we helped them throw out the stuff they didn’t need because they were moving. And some of us washed the walls. The people there were so blown away by what we did in the amount of time we had. Then we went to the YMCA […]

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Boston 2017-Tuesday

Team 1 Today we went to a soup kitchen almost an hour away in Nashua, New Hampshire. Lexi Brown and I got the best job of cleaning out a refrigerator full of rotten food. While cleaning we realized how blessed we truly are. Without a doubt, we know where our next meal will come from, […]

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Conroe Mission Trip – Day 3

Today we started the day in groups doing our devotionals and praying together. Students also enjoyed the Bible study we had at Under Over Ministries. Our favorite quote from that Bible study was, “The average person makes 34,000 choices per day, if you live up until the average age of 70-72, you will make nearly […]

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