Exodus 12//The Passover

Read Exodus 12: Get out your Bibles and read this  for yourself! Here’s the link if you need it! Reflect What was the final plague called? The _____________. Read verses 23 & 26. Why do you think it was called this? The Israelites had to sacrifice a lamb and the blood of the lamb was the sign […]

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Exodus 10-11//Final Plagues

Read Exodus 10-11! Read it here. Preferably, grab those Bibles and read it! Reflect In Chapter 10, verse 1, why does God tell Moses that He has hardened Pharaoh’s heart? List plagues 8-9: 8) Plague of _________________. 9) Plague of _________________. What was the final plague that God threatens to send against Egypt? “Pharaoh will […]

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Exodus 8-9//More Plagues

Read Exodus 8-9-Read it here! Reflect: List Plagues 2-7: 2) The plague of ____________________. 3) The plague of ____________________. 4) The plague of ____________________. 5) All of the _______________ in the kingdom _________________. 6) The plague of _________________________ on all man and beast. 7) The plague of _______________ which rained down from heaven. What does it […]

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Exodus 7//Moses and Aaron

Read: Exodus 7. Read it here if you don’t have your Bible! Meditate on it, take your time! Reflect: When Moses and Aaron go before Pharaoh the first time, what does Aaron’s staff turn into? What is special about Aaron’s staff vs. the magicians of the kingdom? What is the first plague that the Lord strikes […]

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