Genesis 42//Joseph’s Brothers

Read: Genesis 42! If you need it, here’s  the link to the text!   Reflect: Do you remember who Jacob is in relation to Joseph? Put yourself in Joseph’s shoes, can you imagine seeing your brothers again after all these years? Would you be able to face them after the way they mistreated you? V. 24: […]

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Genesis 41//Pharaoh’s Dreams

Read: Genesis 41! Here’s a link if needed! Reflect: Pharaoh has a dream and Joseph was remembered for his gifts. However, who does Joseph say can really interpret Pharaoh’s dream? v.16 Do you attribute your gifts and talents to God? Or are you selfish/conceited in your life? What do these dreams mean? Pharaoh places full trust […]

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Genesis 37//Joseph

Read: Genesis 37. Crack open that Bible or read it here!   Reflect: Think about Joseph’s relationship with his brothers. What was going on there? Did Joseph deserve the hatred? What else is going on in this chapter? What do you think God is doing in Joseph’s life? Have you experienced any ups and downs in […]

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