John 14:15-31 | Jesus comforts disciples

Read: John 14:15-31




Have you ever been alone?


Have you ever had to do something with no one to help you?


Remember a time or several times when these two things happened to you.


How did you feel?  What thoughts went through your head?


I have had to move many times in my life.  This is one of the most painstaking processes people have to go through.


You have to go out and find boxes to pack your stuff in.  You have to wrap up in paper the breakable stuff.  You have to actually put all your stuff into the boxes, which, if you have lots of stuff will take a long time to do.  You have to write on each box so you will no what is in it.


After you are done packing your stuff you then have to load all of it on to a trailer or truck.  This can be brutal.

Then you have drive your truck to your new house.  Once there you have to unload the truck (often this means several trips back and forth).  You have to put everything in each room its supposed to go in.  Then you have to UNPACK everything!


It’s exhausting!


Try doing it alone…



I have had to do it alone.  The number one thought that constantly went through my mind during those times was simple.


I wish I had help.



Life is like moving from one house to another.  Without help, it can, and will be, brutal.


We were never created to go through life alone and without help.


God knew he would always be with us.  Waiting for us to reach out and ask for help.


In John 14:18 we see this very clearly, “I will not leave you as orphans.”




We are not left alone by God to fend for ourselves.  We are not orphans.  WE HAVE HELP!



Jesus indicates through this passage of Scripture that our help comes in the form of the “Holy Spirit.”


This is one of the 3 parts of God known as the Trinity (3 in one).


The role of the Holy Spirit is to help us everyday make choices that will lead us down a path that honors God and fulfill the plans he has for us.


The Holy Spirit is a guide, a director, an advice giver, and ever-present helper during good times and bad.


The Bible says that when we accept Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior that the Holy Spirit enters into our lives and stays there as long as we live.


This is great news!  You will never be alone.  You will never have to say, “I just wish I had help.”


You know have the help of the Almighty God in the form of the Holy Spirit!  Hard to beat that!


The question is… do you use the help you have been given?



The Holy Spirit is just one phone call (or text) away.  All you have to do is ask.  He is always present within you.  He is always ready to answer whenever you need.


Are you communicating with him?





  • How often do you ask God for help?
  • When you call upon God, is it only when you need something? Be honest.
  • What ways do you try to communicate with the Holy Spirit on a daily basis?
  • Write down a step you can take today to better improve your communication with God.



Pray:   Thank the Lord for being incredible!  He is worthy of praise so praise him!  Now thank him for the fact that he does not let you go through life alone.  Thank him for his helper, the Holy Spirit.  Ask God for help in communicating better with the Holy Spirit and ask God to give you the ears to hear and the heart to feel what the Holy Spirit is telling you.


One thought on “John 14:15-31 | Jesus comforts disciples

  1. If you don’t have much time to talk to your friends at school at Lunch about Jesus. It is different if you text then tell them in person. What do you do?


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