Before I left for mission trip I was extremely nervous about coming. I only knew the people I was going on the trip with on a surface level basis. I was constantly praying about feeling comfortable and welcome by the other campuses. Whenever I arrived to mission trip within the first day I met […]

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Denver MT // Monday

Team 1 Today we had the honor of returning to the park we attended the first day and completed our final kids club of the the week. We had a ton of fun with the kids. In the evening, we were assigned to a warehouse called Homeward Alliance where we met the leader of that […]

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Denver MT // Sunday

Team 1 This morning my team got to help set up for Keystone’s first service. We were blessed by different families that we were able to connect with and lay a foundation with for the Keystone community. After that we got to go to the homeless shelter and I feel like we really got to […]

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Denver MT // Saturday

Team 1 Today we had block parties and we got to interact with lots of kids. I played soccer tennis with these two brothers and I had a guy named Joel on my team. We seemed to make a really positive impact because he said that he had a lot of fun and he asked […]

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